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Pivot your real estate business

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Real estate may be down, but it's not completely out and some say there could be a considerable rebound once the economy starts to recover. So how do you best position yourself to survive, and then thrive? One area that is gaining in popularity is being referred to as the Virtual Deal, and it's about leveraging tech to facilitate real estate transactions.

Digital listing presentations, virtual home tours, online open houses, zoom client meetings, e-signatures and e-transfers are just a few of the ways you can maintain a safe and secure environment for your clients, position yourself as being on the leading edge, and take advantage of new technology to build your business.

The advantages of making these changes now is they'll likely be easier to implement when the market is slower, and you'll be better positioned for the recovery when it does happen. Also, unfortunately not everyone in the real estate business is going to survive this downturn so by making some key changes today, you'll be far better equipped tomorrow.

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